A restaurant/café worth visiting

Every day, our restaurant serves good Ostrobothnian local homemade food made from pure ingredients. The café serves our famous pastries and pancakes, baked on site. Our products are home baked and the taste proves it!

Local food lunch served every day

Our traditional buffet table is set for you every day. We offer warm dishes, marinated fish, salads, homemade bread, home-brewed small beer, milk and delicious deserts served with coffee. The buffet lunch is served daily Monday to Friday from 11am to 3pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 4pm. Good food is an important part of a great holiday.

Catering services

We can help you make your party great, whether it is a larger gathering or a small family celebration. Our restaurant seats 120 people and the café has room for 60 people. We also have three meeting rooms for 10–60 persons. The delicious food, comfortable environment and good service will make your event an unforgettable one. We provide you with professional service and assistance in planning and arranging your event. Call our sales service at +358 8 466 622.

Dining and coffee for groups – also served in the open air

We arrange unforgettable hikes in nature to camp-fire sites, where we serve a delicious meal under the open sky. We can tailor just the right meal package for your group. Our specialty is the Kalajoki celebration buffet, where the table is groaning with Ostrobothnian traditional dishes.

Old fish lady's whitefish (G, L)

Whitefish with cold sour cream sauce

18,00 €

Rainbow trout a la Tapio (G, L)

Rainbow trout with cold sour cream sauce 

16,70 €

Tapio's chicken (G, L)

Chicken fillet with cream sauce

15,90 €

Onion steak (G,M)

Pork steak with fried onions

15,20 €

Grilled steak (G,M)

Pork steak with seasoned butter

15,20 €

Tapio's paw (L)

Breaded pork filet, ham and cheese

16,20 €

Tapio's cutlet (M)

Breaded pork fillet with a slice of pineapple

15,60 €

Bear's delicious steak (L,G)

Beefsteak with blue cheese cream sauce

17,00 €

Minute steak (M,G)

Beef steak with seasoned butter

17,00 €

Daddy bear's pepper steak (M,G)

Beefsteak with pepper butter

17,20 €

Salad plate (G)

8,70 €

Vegetarian portion (L)

Vegetable steaks, potatoes, warm side dish and salad

15,00 €

Potatoe options

- boiled potatoes

- fried potatoes

- chopped potatoes

- french fries

- potatoes with garlic and cream (L) 1,20 €

- rice


Little bear's plate (M)

Meatballs, french fries and fresh salad

6,80 €

Little bear's broiler (L,G)

Broiler fillet, potatoes, cream sauce and salad

9,10 €

Little bear's steak (M,G)

60 g beefsteak, potatoes and fresh salad

9,90 €

Hamburger and fries

Hamburger with french fries
9,60 €


French fries

French fries served with salad

6,90 €



6,80 €
Extras: extra burger 1,20 €, sausage 1,20 €, cheese 0,50 €, egg 0,50 €, pineapple 0,50 €

Mommy bear's warm sandwich (L)

White bread, ham, pineapple and cheese

9,80 €

Hamburger meal

Hamburger with french fries

9,60 €


6,80 €
extra fillings: burger 1,20 €, sausage 1,20 €, cheese 0,50 €, egg 0,50 €, ananas 0,50 €

Omelet and salad

3 egg omelet

9,80 €
Extra fillings: ham 1 €, sausage 1 €, cheese 1 €, tomatoe 1 €

French fries

French fries served with salad

6,90 €